Electronic invoicing

Business Area
Electronic invoicing
Electronic invoicing to the public administrations and national health authorities. electronic storage service
  • Outsourcing of active invoicing to the PA
  • Management of electronic flows to the Interchange System (SDI)
  • Handling technical problems with SDI and management problems with Entities
  • Continuous client updates on invoicing status through a user-friendly web platform
  • Continuous assistance and updates on legal and technical developments

The efficient management of Electronic Invoicing is the first step in efficient credit management.

BFF offers a reliable, streamlined solution to manage the technical data interchange process through SDI and interacts with Entities to resolve any disputes, which could slow down collection times.


The Electronic Invoicing system is complemented by BFF’s Electronic Storage service.

The advantages of Electronic Storage:

  • outsourcing of the archiving process
  • careful control of archived documents
  • virtual stamp duty, make the document tamperproof for future tax impacts
  • complies with current laws on storing virtual documents
  • possibility of a comprehensive package