Purchase of tax receivables

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Purchase of tax receivables
Limited availability of financial resources for tax receivables refunds can create problems for enterprises. BFF’s non-recourse service makes it easy to monetize these receivables.

What types of tax receivables does BFF purchase?

BFF has the experience to handle the purchase of tax receivables, including for prepaid taxes, that businesses claim can from the Italian Treasury:

  • VAT receivables
  • IRES receivables
  • Robin Tax receivables
  • Reimbursement of excise duties on petroleum products
  • IRES receivables due to deductibility of IRAP
  • Advances / assignments of tax receivables for research and development activities
  • Receivables for reimbursement of withholding tax between Italian companies and parent companies with residence in the European Union

What kind of Tax Receivables may be assigned to BFF?

  • Receivables claimed from the Italian Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate)
  • Future tax receivables (resulting from income and VAT statements that have not yet been filed)
  • Tax receivables may be assigned through a notarial deed or authenticated private deed notified to the Italian Revenue Agency and the collection agent

The service is provided in Italy.