Events 2018

15 March 2018
Milan - Politecnico Bovisa, Sala Carassa Dadda. "Supply Chain Finance: New Perspectives"

BFF supports the 2017-2018 Research of the Supply Chain Finance Observatory of the School of Management at the Politecnico di Milano; on 15 March 2018 a convention will be held to present the 2017 Research, which can be broken down into four principal areas: mercato del Supply Chain Finance; il ruolo dei; valutazione del merito creditizio; creazione di un modello di scelta. #OSCF18

27 February 2018
Rome, Chamber of Deputies - Sala del Refettorio. "Problematic financial issues for Italian municipalities: ideas for a reconstructive analysis"

BFF supports the 2017-2018 Research of the Supply Chain Finance Observatory of the School of Management at the Politecnico di Milano; on 15 March 2018 a convention will be held to present the 2017 Research, which can be broken down into four principal areas: Supply Chain Finance market; the role of new players; evaluation of creditworthiness; creation of a model of choice. #OSCF18

Events 2017

3 October 2017
Rome - "SPLIT PAYMENT REVOLUTION – The Impact on Enterprises and the Public Administration and on Public-Private Relations,”

The event, promoted by BFF and I-Com, Istituto per la Competitività, and sponsored by Assifact, is part of the Public Administration Conference project, which promoters set up last year to examine the industrial, financial, and tax implications of relationships between private enterprises and the Public Administration in Italy.

Representatives from institutions and the association world participated in the conference. It was followed by a debate focused on new rules on split payment in effect as of July 1, 2017, which resulted in a difficult compromise between the liquidity needs of enterprises and public finance needs.
Participants in the debate included representatives of Assonime, ANCE, ASSIFACT, Confindustria, Confprofessioni, and R.E TE. Imprese Italia.

8 May 2017
Venice – Università Ca' Foscari, San Giobbe Economic Campus

The event was promoted by BFF, and BFF was the main partner of the convention "Problematic financial issues for Italian municipalities: laws, indicators, practical implementation,” an important opportunity for meaningful discussion to encourage and facilitate closer cooperation between businesses, the credit system, and the Public Administration, offering responses and solutions for creating an increasingly streamlined and efficient supply chain finance system.

Massimiliano Belingheri and Roberto Castiglioni, Managing Director and Vice President of BFF’s Factoring Department, will speak at the convention.

23 March 2017
Milan - Politecnico Bovisa campus

BFF is partnered with the Politecnico di Milano – Supply Chain Finance Observatory; the convention to present 2016 Research will be held on 23 March 2017 and is focused on four principal areas: Supply Chain Finance market; evaluation of creditworthiness; costs and benefits; financial profiling of supply chain. Giuseppe Pignatelli, BFF Sales Manager, will be one of the speakers at the convention.

21 February 2017
Milan – BFF Auditorium

The objective of the meeting is to provide information and present solutions for managing the electronic invoicing process in B2B transactions, which is promoted by Legislative Decree 127 of 5 August 2015; the decree provides for fewer controllers and a reduction in tax obligations for enterprises:

  • VAT refund within 3 months after statement is filed
  • reducing the terms of tax assessments to one year
  • less burdensome tax controls that can also be performed remotely, without interfering with business activities
  • exemption from reporting obligations related to the "Spesometro" (Italian expense-reporting system), transactions with “Black List” countries, purchases made from operators in San Marino, Intrastat forms, and contracts of leasing companies
  • exemption from obligation to affix an approval stamp and register invoices receivable and purchases in the dedicated registry

Events 2016

5 October 2016

The new Public Procurement Code (Legislative Decree 50/2016) introduces processes designed to simplify public procurement procedures. The legislation intends to encourage the transition to a more competitive economy, capable of qualifying and rationalizing purchases by the Public Administration.

The goal of the meeting is to encourage a discussion between the interested parties, both public and private, particularly in order to asses the impact on timely payments to contracting companies, and thus the indirect impact on sub-suppliers.

The Convention is organized jointly with I-COM, in collaboration with Coface and Studio Legale Orrick and with the sponsorship of ACMI, Associazione Credit Manager Italia, and Assifact, Associazione Italiana Factoring, and is one of the various initiatives that BFF has organized regarding Public Administration procurement issues.